What is Deep Reading?

Updated: Mar 3

Welcome to the Motivation Monday blog page. Being involved professionally as a content writer, proofreader, and editor means more than just having qualifications or using software packages to craft your projects; it also helps if you are an avid reader. My work's cornerstone is reading other peoples drafts to achieve a more in-depth insight, enabling me to make the changes that make the difference between just average and outstanding.

Deep reading is active, thoughtful and purposeful reading to build a more comprehensive and pleasurable experience. Sven Birkerts first used the term in his 1994 publication, The Gutenberg Elegies. Birkerts described deep reading, thus, "Reading because we control it, is adaptable to our needs and rhythms. We are free to indulge our subjective associative impulse; the term I coin for this is deep reading: the slow and meditative possession of a book. We don't just read the words; we dream our lives in their vicinity".

Essentially, deep reading is a variety of sophisticated processes that enhance understanding; these encompass inferential and deductive reasoning, analogical skills, critical analysis, reflection, and insight. Accomplished readers can utilise these processes swiftly and effectively. Childrens' brains require years to develop these skills. Reading skills are being constantly eroded by the advent of today's digital culture, and the way people, in general, need rapid information input.

We must teach our children to read and think more deeply. First, consider the author's purpose, the main idea ( subject or topic the writer is discussing) and how the text is communicating this. Focus on how details link to a topic sentence and their relevancy to the main idea and controlling idea ( writer's specific stance on the subject).

As an educator who has taught English for academic and general purposes, I have noticed children have become less focused on what words mean or the deeper meaning of what they read. As a professional proofreader and editor, my brief is to correct and perfect a draft. Still, I try to reset the writer's awareness of what needs to be communicated concisely and to project deeper understanding to their readers.

The craft of proofreading and editing comes into its own here. By allowing our expert team to skim and scan your documents and apply deep reading techniques, we are not just spelling and grammar checkers.

We raise awareness of the most salient points, then build a text into an effective communication of ideas, elevating documents into a highly informative, concise use of the English language. Motivation Monday can create documents that will hold your readers, sell your products, services, land you a job or raise your marks.

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